Simple but effective tips to help you run great meetings

Proven Strategy for Chairing Effective Meetings


This talk is delivered in a one hour session to individuals or members of an organisations


We have all attended them, a meeting that over runs the time allotted, where petty arguments break out and where no clear actions or outcomes are identified. It does not have to be this way and with a few minor changes you can now have an effective meeting with clear objectives and where everyone is engaged.


It is unfair to ask someone to Chair a meeting when they have not been given the basics of what a great meeting looks like. It is easy to be bullied by those with a stronger personality or to have the agenda usurped by those who have their own personal issues and want to use this forum for airing them.

This dynamic can be changed very quickly once certain rules are put in place and in this workshop you will be shown all of the key tips necessary to run a successful meeting. Be seen as a leader, be in control and respected by attendees so that everyone gets the benefit from the time they have invested.

Time required

1 hour including Q&A
(if the audience would like extra time for the Q&A it shall be provided FREE of charge)

Workshop Cost

Zoom €675 plus VAT
Face to Face in Dublin €675 plus VAT, other locations on request

Client Testimonial

“I’ve been working with Alec for just over a year now. I find Alec great to work with. He has great insights and he’s able to help spot elements of the business that need time and energy invested in them. Currently helping us plan our way through COVID19 and to also help us plan for the new world when we emerge from all this. Definitely recommended.”

Steve Bray – Managing Director, AEI