Be confident and engaging from your first words

Communicate with Confidence


Be confident and engage any size audience with a structured talk or presentation that delivers your key message in a memorable way.


We all know the importance of first impressions in a world where professionalism is expected. Standing up in front of an audience and delivering a memorable talk is challenging, particularly when you are not aware of the skills needed to engage and hold your audience’s attention. Too many people think that they can ‘wing it’ or use PowerPoint as a crutch to hide their lack of preparation – they are wrong and everyone spots it.

​Invest in yourself and your team and learn skills that will pay you back time and time again. Look professional, feel comfortable and confident when speaking to a business audience or at that special family event.

Time required

2.5 hours interactive format

Workshop Cost

€1,175 plus VAT


Client Testimonial

Thanks so much Alec, for the workshop today. I found it a huge help in relation to public speaking and I definitely picked up some good tips for any future presentations/talks.

Jacquelene Ewing LIB QFA – Branch Manager, Bank of Ireland