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Alec Drew – The Business Expert as a speaker

Alec is an international speaker, emcee and panel moderator. He honed these skills as the radio show host of You and Your Business for five years and then as the presenter of The SME Business Show, an online TV channel for business owners looking to source valuable information.

His keynote talk ‘Greater Productivity, Morale and Retention in the Intergenerational Workplace’ is delivered at conferences and to C suite management teams. These insights show how with a few minor changes the workplace can be transformed with up to 20% increased productivity delivered within the first month.

He has a range of workshops focussed on using the resources you have delivered as a Breakfast Briefing, Lunch and Learn or a half-day session which show how to generate additional revenue and improve morale. Typically organisations use these for their internal staff or they invite clients and guests which provide new business opportunities.

He is Past President of the Professional Speaking Association, Ireland, a member of the Global Speaking Federation and the weekly host of the Virtual Business Owners Network.


Alec Drew – The Business Expert as a coach and mentor

Alec works with business owners who piggyback his 40+ years of experience to short cut their own journey to success whatever that means to them. He provides unique insights and strategy to help them remove themselves from the coalface of everyday challenges and focus on the important issues that propel their business to the next level.

He has a simple and easy to follow structure that once completed will give you all of the tools you need to take your business to whatever level you aspire. In tandem he provides creative strategies that deliver new opportunities that are often overlooked.

Business is divided into two simple parts, the knowledge and experience you bring to the product or service you sell and the business of running a business. The latter is the part most people in business are missing so it makes sense to partner with an experienced guide, a person who has been on that journey to help you navigate the various challenges you will encounter. Of course you can do it yourself and learn the hard way which will cost a lot more money and time like I did until I found a coach and mentor who suddenly showed me a better and more sensible way of achieving my goals.

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Alec Drew - The Business Expert Logo
Alec Drew - The Business Expert Logo

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Today we have an international speaker, growth strategist and radio show host.

He has worked in 4 industries over the last 40 years and scaled one company 100 times.

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Please welcome, The Business Expert – Alec Drew