Valuable information to help you make informed decisions

Thinking of going out on your own?


1. You are an individual who would like to understand what is required to take the decision to set up your own business.
2. You are an organisation that would like to inform your members about career options.


At some time in our lives the call to set up our own business gets us thinking about the endless possibilities that could be waiting. We think of the freedom, the additional revenue and the opportunity to get away from those that stifle our creativity. What would it be like, where do I start and what about the risks?


As someone who left the corporate world more than 40 years ago and has enjoyed the successes and suffered the disappointments I can honestly say I would do it again, but differently. If I knew then what I know now I would have avoided all of the pitfalls that await the eager entrepreneur. Today I coach business owners and take them on a planned journey to what I call their destination ‘Success’.

In this workshop I will outline all of the things you need to consider before making the jump. I will give you examples, stories and tips of what it means to run a business which will allow you to make an informed decision about your future.

Time required

1 hour including Q&A
(if the audience would like extra time for the Q&A it shall be provided FREE of charge)

For individuals

on Zoom €295 plus VAT

Workshop Cost

Zoom €675 plus VAT
Face to Face in Dublin €675 plus VAT, other locations on request

Client Testimonial

“Like so many business owners one of the greatest challenges I found was getting away from the day to day tasks to focus on the important areas of the business. This meant that I was working long hours leaving me little time to enjoy the success we achieved. Alec was able to quickly understand the dynamics of the business, put in place plans with deadlines and KPI’s and help me get away from the constant noise that was part of the daily routine. He was always available to help resolve issues as they presented themselves. We now have processes and systems in place supported by a team who have a clear understanding of their roles and this will allow us to grow the business substantially”.

Steve Bray – Managing Director, AEI