So you would like more business…

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Articles, Free Resource

As we start the year every business owner is out there looking for new business opportunities. Let me help you by providing a list of questions and statements where ideally your answer should be ‘Yes’. If it is ‘No’ then you have the starting point for a business development strategy.


I can say in a couple of sentences exactly what we do in a way that people clearly understand the pain we remove or the gain we provide. (This is not an elevator pitch but a well rehearsed reply when asked that important question). If you cannot articulate this in a way that makes sense to a prospect you may find yourself competing on price.


If asked, all of my employees would say the same thing.


I have a clear understanding of my target audience. (You may believe that your offering works for everyone but you have a niche which will become more clear once you take the time to drill down further. You want to be an inch wide and a mile deep).


I know my best customers and what they have in common.


I have testimonials from my best customers/clients.


I have asked for referrals from my best customers/clients.


I am in regular contact by phone or in person with my best customers/clients to understand their changing requirements and upsell where possible.


My website engages the visitor and has a call to action.


I have a target list of potential customers and a plan to engage with them.


I have a CRM system that tracks my target list. (This does not need to be expensive or complicated)


I and my colleagues understand the true art of Networking and use it regularly. (This is not to be confused with selling) see separate article


When I meet a prospect I have a well prepared plan of engagement. (This is not about you but understanding their needs).


I send quotes/proposals within 48 hours of receiving a request. (So much business is lost by poor response time).


My quotes/proposals are laid out in a way that makes the ‘Yes’ answer easy.


I always follow these up and if we lose a project I ask for the reason. (Do not presume cost is the answer).


I have a presentation that is not about me and my company but engages a potential customer.


The purpose of this article is to help you to put in place the basics of generating additional sales. You may have all this in place which is great so you can move to the next stage.


If you would like to know more you can schedule a confidential, no obligations call with me and I will share with you some additional items to help you grow your business.