Why you should declutter your mind

by | Jul 24, 2022 | Articles


On average we have more than 6,000 thoughts per day running around in our head which could explain why so many of us find it difficult to get to sleep at night or wake up early. Many of these thoughts are about minor things that could be removed if we just took the time to deal with them. I came across an idea called a ‘Brain Dump’ a number of years ago and it has made a big difference for me and I believe could work for you as well.


What do you need? A pen, some blank paper and most importantly of all one hour of peace and quiet. This means no phone, no computer and no interruptions. Let your mind go blank for a minute or two and then open your mind and let all of your thoughts flow. Don’t try to analyse them or spend any time thinking about them, just let them flow. Write them down as they come to you. I put personal items on the left side of a page and business ones on the right. Do not try to prioritise them, this can be done later. You may write down the squeaky gate, the crooked picture in the hall, the supplier that keeps letting you down, the broken key on the computer and it is as random as that. Keep writing and hopefully after an hour or more you will have an extensive list. Typically I have in excess of 170 items covering everything.


You will know when you have finished so put down the pen and paper and put them away for 24 hours.


Put some time aside within 48 hours, take out your sheets and start prioritising the personal and business lists. You will find a large number of small items that continually occupy your mind but get dismissed because of other distractions. For example, I had a gate that was sticking and it use to annoy me on a regular basis. When I saw it on my list I went out and oiled it, problem fixed and line through the item. You may think so what, but you would not believe the sense of satisfaction. This is therapy at its most basic level and I can promise you the sense of peace you will get is worth every minute.


How often do you need to do this, I suggest twice a year or whenever suits you. give it a try, it is time well spent.