Strategic Planning – Part 5 – Touch Points

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Articles

We all have a need to get our message out to our various audiences and there are so many channels to use, so how consistent is your message and what channels do you use?


Based on more than 25 years of industry experience working with companies and organisations of all sizes from SME’s to multi-nationals there is one thing they have in common and that is the need to engage with different audiences. Typically, we think of customers/clients and forget the rest, some, even more important than your customers. Personally, I believe that employees are more important than clients because if that part of your business is not right then the other parts will not function to their maximum. Leaving that thought aside there are other audiences such as suppliers, investors, regulators and any others that may be relevant to your sector. All audiences are important and there should be a consistent message delivered in a consistent way.


I am attaching a Touch Points Audit document which you can download and that will suggest areas that should be reviewed. As an exercise, take all physical documents out including things like business cards, invoices, brochures etc. and place them on a table. Are you looking at a mixture of documents that could come from disparate organisations or is there a consistency in their look and message. Do they look professional and are they representative of the high standards that you want your audience to experience? Ask some of your peers if you are not sure.


It is worth mentioning that the cost of getting it right is much less than you might perceive. Compare physical documents to online images and messages to ensure that there is consistency across all media.


This document will remind you of what you may have in your portfolio and help you plan for 2021.