New business opportunities maybe right under your nose.

by | Jan 26, 2022 | Articles

We are so busy looking for new business that we sometimes forget the resources we have sitting under our noses or close by.


I was talking with one organisation and the suggestion was to put up on a board the names of three top targets that the company wanted to connect with. The idea was that perhaps someone in the sales team knew them or a close contact and could make an introduction. A new person in admin was walking through the office and saw the board and asked what it was about. In particular there was one name that interested her, a person who was the Managing Director of a large company that had proved difficult to connect with. ‘That is my brother in law ‘ she said when asked why it interested her and so the connection was made.


The lesson here is that everyone in your organisation has connections that may be of value and should be included in the sales process, even if it is at its most basic of looking for connections.


I was attending an event in one of the large Social Media companies a couple of years ago and when I asked to use the bathroom I was pointed in the direction of a staff one which was the nearest. In front of each urinal was a simple A3 sheet enclosed in a frame that listed the three greatest challenges the organisation had at that time. I had a look inside the cubicles and there was one on the back of every door. What a simple but effective way of engaging employees in a creative and inexpensive way. This could work equally well for connects you are looking to make.


It is more common these days for people to have more than one career under their belt and to have worked for multiple companies. These connections are often consigned to history as we move on into our new life but in doing so we miss out on a potential connection or network that could prove very valuable. Why not get everyone to list out their past experience and contacts to see if there is an opportunity for business.


When was the last time you looked through your list of old clients. You may have lost some due to a disagreement or perhaps they just fell off the radar. Create a list and even if there was a falling out perhaps those people have left or perhaps they maybe open to a fresh approach. You may have new offerings that fit in with their particular needs at the moment.


We all have clients that love what we do and are advocates for our products and services. When was the last time you met them? Did you ask them for a referral or a testimonial? This is one of the best ways to get introductions to new business and even if they cannot help you a testimonial is an added bonus. If possible ask them to post it on your Social Media of choice and if you do not know what a great testimonial looks like see this article. Link


The worst words you can hear from a client/customer is ‘I didn’t know you did that’ as you discover that a valuable piece of business went to a rival. This is more common than you realise as it is presumed that every customer knows everything that you sell. Presumption costs money so take the opportunity to call existing customers for a chat, ask how they are getting along and remind them that on top of what they are ordering from you to remember that you also supply the following. It will serve as a reminder and even if it is not something they need, it may trigger a conversation they had with someone looking for this service or product.


Networking is still the greatest way of driving new business once it is used in the way that it was meant to be. In fact all of the above are examples of networking which is all about building rapport and trust. True networking is not selling but being of service to those you interact with. This is one of the reasons that speed networking is a waste of time and if you would like to know more about how networking can help you, please see my article here


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