Make 2023 your best year ever for business!

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Articles

If you have seen the film Groundhog Day you will know that the main character played by Bill Murray finds himself in a place where every day is the same as yesterday. He wakes up each morning to the same tune on the radio and every event that happened yesterday is repeated. Initially, he is confused, then frustrated but he eventually accepts what is happening and turns it to his advantage. He makes changes, learns new skills and takes control of the situation which gives him great power.


What has this to do with business? Every December business owners take a few days off to relax and recharge the batteries. They assess what has happened over the previous twelve months and make promises to themselves that next year will be better. Many go on to achieve this ambition but unfortunately many SME business owners fail to take action because they are quickly swept back into the business they escaped from for a few days. They find themselves at the coalface with little time to stand back and make changes, subtle changes that could make a substantial difference to their income, work life balance and time with the family. They are in their own personal Groundhog Day except each year repeats itself with little time to learn and adapt.


Why not make 2023 different? Why not try something different? Why not invest in yourself and see what is possible?


Starting on Monday January 9th at 7.00 in the evening for four weeks I will share with you a proven plan, that if followed will transform 2023 for you. Each session will be for between 60 – 90 minutes and will include documentation, real life experiences and lessons learned based on my 40+ years in business that others have used successfully to transform their business. Places are limited to ten attendees and will include all of the topics you need plus Q&A’s.


The first step to change starts with finding out more in CONFIDENCE and WITHOUT OBLIGATION by emailing me at


Full details of the programme are detailed HERE


Will you be sitting back in December 2023 and having another Groundhog Day?


“As a rapidly growing business we knew that we would face many new challenges. We were introduced to Alec Drew – The Business Expert by a trusted source and very quickly we realised that his experience could short cut our journey and help us avoid mistakes. He has a 40+ years of experience backed up by a team of knowledgeable professionals who guided us over a two year period.


We now have a clear path ahead of us and we are exceeding targets”.


Conor Walsh


Managing Director