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Alec is a great believer in the power of the simple and has identified additional profits of €100,000 in one company within 3 days of meeting with them and productivity loses of 35,000 hours in another organisation.

‘I uncover the hidden inefficiencies that cause businesses to haemorrhage money and lose their best people. I then identify key changes that need to be made to dramatically increase productivity, profits and happiness’.

Some people have an academic viewpoint and share their knowledge of business based on theories. Some talk from a single industry viewpoint but Alec talks about business based on practical lessons learned over the last 40 years in four different sectors and how he used that knowledge to scale profits in his own company by 100 times.

He is an international speaker, radio show host, author, MC and consultant who loves helping organisations increase profits, reduce costs and drive efficiencies. He does this by identifying small changes that deliver powerful results.

He is Past President of the Professional Speaking Association, Ireland, a Member of the Global Speaking Federation, a former Council Member, Executive Council Member and longest continuing serving member of Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

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What my clients say about me

“Alec worked with Management to review how the business could be more efficient and profitable. He very quickly identified three areas that with a few minor changes could make a significant contribution to profits without having to spend any money.
Being an outsider allowed him to focus on the business in its most simple form and to ask searching questions often overlooked by those at the coalface.
His 'Keen Eye for Detail’ sums up his approach and offers business owners a unique insight into their own business.”
Stephen Purcell, Future Analytics
“As Chair/Leader of multiple CEO peer/mastermind groups I invited Alec Drew, The Business Expert to speak to one of my groups. He shared his knowledge in a way that gave our members a new way of addressing their most urgent challenges. His simple but intuitive insights provided a thought provoking 3-hour session that not only engaged everyone but gave them valuable tools to take back to their organisations.
His questioning and facilitating was impressive and I will be inviting him as a speaker to my other groups as well as recommending him to others”
Adam Harris, Director, Fresh Mindset UK Ltd

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