How Profits can Drive Complacency


Alec’s Keynote which forms part of his ‘Keen Eye for Detail’ programme is aimed at CEO’s and Senior Managers and asks some searching questions about company culture and its relevance to all stakeholders. Without realising it many CEO’s and Senior Managers are divorced from the reality of what their staff, customers and suppliers experience when interacting with the company. Alec uses real life examples, his own experience and humour to highlight how small changes can deliver big rewards without having to invest significant resources. When you hear what he has to say you will truely understand why he says ‘Common sense grows profits’.

Common Sense Drives Profits in-house programme very quickly gives you an overview of where you maybe losing money or missing out on additional profits. It looks at the basics of good business practice and how that translates into your organisation. It will challenge your strategy and it may make you feel uncomfortable but the insights will deliver a sense of direction that may have been lost.

For example a recent project for a service company identified a further 5% in profit that was being left behind and where a simple change without incurring costs was the solution. In fact addressing this common issue alone is something that virtually every company could benefit from.

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