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Curiosity Kills Profits

Business processes are changing, employee needs are changing and technology is changing but our understanding of the cumulative effects of these changes is only starting to be understood. Recent studies describe a new landscape that we as Leaders need to understand and be ready to embrace. Are you ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Discover Your Hidden Resources

Opportunities to increase productivity significantly by making minor tweaks exist within every organisation but are seldom discovered because they go under the radar. How do I know, because I have seen them in every organisation I have come into contact with over the last 40 years? A change in behavior is usually all that is required to access these resources but they must be identified first.

This is available as an in-house audit tailored to help you find areas of value that may have been overlooked.

Master of Ceremonies

You reputation depends on your guests leaving your event with a positive experience. A professional MC (emcee) will ensure your event runs on schedule, speakers are fully briefed and introductions are appropriate leaving you free to be the perfect host.

If the session involves a Q&A it must be properly controlled allowing speakers to have equal time without interruption. Questions should be appropriate, kept on topic and engage the audience.

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What my clients say about me

“You were a consummate professional”
Tim O’Sullivan, UX Design
“Thought provoking ideas”
Aidan Scollard, Partner, Roberts Nathan

USE Programme

USE is a simple 3-stage process proven to grow your business – I know because I used it to grow profits in my business 100 times

If your vision for success looks like this, then the USE methodology will take you on that journey:

‘To have an organisation that is well managed, using the best available technology, driven by enthusiastic, knowledgeable and motivated employees delivering an exceptional service that has your clients/customers coming back, recommending you to their friends and where price is not an issue’.

Business can be simple but beware of the human trait of meddling. For example, McDonalds built a business empire from a simple offering and structure that many have tried to copy without success. Why did they fail? Most likely it is because they did not understand the model or changed the model thinking that they could make it better.

“Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to keep things simple” - Richard Branson

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated” - Confucius

The Process

USE is a simple 3-stage process that works like this.

Understand is focused on gathering the information you need to build a robust Strategy that you will Execute in a planned and measured way.

The process creates your Strategic Plan that you update by continually asking the questions that created it and adding new ones where appropriate.

Understand covers all areas of the business in a systematic way and identifies what is going well and what could be improved.

Here are 3 sample top layer questions from a carefully crafted list designed to feed into a Strategic Plan. If you would like to know more book a free consultation.

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The USE Process


Employees | Clients | Suppliers

Strategy | Technology | Operations




Create strategic plan




Video Testimonials

What I Do

Ask any 3 people in your organisation the following question and see if you get the same answer.

1. Can you tell me in a sentence what we do and what makes us different from our competitors?

The answers will give you information on the following; culture, alignment, mission, vision, engagement, internal communications

2. Customer/client experience.

When was the last time that someone from Senior Management sampled our offering as a secret buyer?

‘The Queen thinks that the world smells like fresh paint’ is a famous line attributed to Billy Connolly highlighting that certain people are remote from the front line.

Sit with a third party who has been given a task that involves a department in your organisation and watch how your employees handle it.

The results of this exercise will inform on customer service, customer retention, sales, upselling, culture, internal procedures

3. Supplier engagement

When was the last time that we sat down with a key supplier to fully understand what they do and to explain our particular challenges?

I worked in a sector where it was accepted that animosity between key suppliers of a particular product and the buyers was a way of life. By understanding the challenges from both sides I was able to bring them together to work in collaboration with significant results for all concerned.

The answer will inform on supplier engagement, competitiveness, productivity, costs, operational procedures

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