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When did you decide to let your staff take a 28% pay increase?

Curiosity Kills Profits

FACT: 53% of employees waste at least one hour per day due to distractions. This translates into £3,277.50 per employee per annum based on a salary £14.25/hour. (Harmon 2011 report)

FACT: 36% of Millenials and Gen Z spend two or more hours per day checking smartphones for non work related activities. (Udemy 2018 Report).

FACT: When workplace distraction is reduced 75% of employees feel they are more productive, 49% are happier and 44% believe they deliver a higher quality of work. (Udemy 2018 Report).

Let me share 3 things with you;
A - Why this has become an issue in less than a generation
B - How we as business leaders have unwittingly created this situation
C - Practical steps you can take now without investing significant resources to reverse the trend

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Alec is an international speaker, radio show host, author, MC and consultant who loves helping organisations increase profits, reduce costs and drive efficiencies.
He does this by identifying small changes that deliver powerful results.

Discover your hidden treasure

Did you know that there are additional profits hidden in your business waiting to be discovered? How do I know, because I have found them in every company I have worked with over the last 40 years.

Let me share with you:

  1. The most common areas where the additional bottom line lies
  2. How simple and often free technology can drive efficiencies
  3. The importance of the right approach to suppliers

Let’s start the search today... that you can benefit tomorrow.

Meet Alec Drew

The Business Expert

Alec comes from an entrepreneurial background and started his business life at the age of six selling comics from his front garden wall. He was bitten by the profit bug which led him in his teens to having a stall in the famous Dandelion Market in Dublin. With two weeks to go before Christmas, business being slow and a lot of stock to shift, it was time for a new strategy. He organised an auction that drew a huge crowd, forced prices above their original asking price and sold out everything. The lesson he learned was to recognise a problem, adapt and change tactics quickly.

After leaving school Alec spent eight years in banking including a Dealing Room before deciding on creating his own future. Against the wishes of his elders he left the safe world of a pensionable job for life and bought a small print company. During his time here he met a graphic designer and together they set up one of Ireland’s best known design agencies in a partnership that was to last for the next 25 years. Increasing a net profit by 100x proved to be a valuable journey of knowledge involving all aspects of business. Included in this journey was membership of peer to peer learning groups, access to inspirational and successful leaders, many business books and of course learning things the hard way. Life was good but there was a storm on the horizon.

There is nothing like a recession to spoil a party and with an 80% drop in revenue over the space of a year the writing was on the wall. It was time to face reality, change strategy and manage the closure of the business in a way that minimised creditor losses and protected reputations. It was now time to lick wounds, assess options and plan for the future. A chance invitation to help a group of 60 people who had lost their businesses inspired him to look at the thirty plus years of experience he had under his belt and how best he could use that to help other CEO’s and Senior Managers shortcut the learning process.

Fast forward to the present day and Alec now shares his knowledge with CEO’s through his keynotes, masterclasses and 1-1 consultancy. He has a unique take on business with the ability to highlight quick wins which either reduce costs or increase profits without having to spend money.

About Alec

Some people have an academic viewpoint and share their knowledge of business based on theories. Some talk from a single industry viewpoint but Alec talks about business based on practical lessons learned over the last 40 years in four different sectors and how you can use that experience to increase profits and reduce costs

He is a great believer in the power of the simple and helps management untangle the clutter so that they can focus on the key areas that drive revenue. He shows how simple technology can make a substantial difference in reducing costs once the right culture is in the organisation.

Alec is an author, international speaker, radio show host, MC and consultant who loves the challenge of helping companies grow. His ‘keen eye for detail’ recently identified how a small change in management behaviour added 5% to the bottom line of a company within three days of meeting with them.

He is Past President of the Professional Speaking Association, Ireland, a Member of the Global Speaking Federation, a former Council Member and longest continuing member of Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

Alec’s relaxed and humorous style backed up with a wealth of true life stories delivers a unique perspective on how business can be that simple.

Contact Alec

By telephone on +353 87 271 1955 or Click to mail

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